For Companies

PCA Dynamics can provide professional engineering services for companies requiring vehicle dynamics and suspension expertise and experience. Peter Cambridge has security clearance at SC level so both military and civilian projects can be taken on.

Main activities undertaken by PCA Dynamics:

  • Base chassis development - Springs, bump stops, anti-roll bars.
  • Damper tuning, active and passive.
  • Kinematic and compliance characteristic development.
  • Static suspension geometry optimization.
  • Active vehicle dynamic system development.
  • Electric power steering (eps) calibration.
  • Tyre testing and selection.
  • Road and track subjective vehicle assessments.
  • Objective vehicle measurement.
  • Vehicle testing including limit handling.
  • Vehicle benchmarking.
  • Alloy wheel design and sourcing.
  • Project planning and programme management
  • Driver training.
  • Project planning and programme management.
  • Client liaison and support, including PR activities.
  • Supplier selection and management.

Type of projects

PCA Dynamics is a flexible company. It can work in a number of ways with clients to achieve their project requirements.

Contract based engineering

  • Clients: Large vehicle manufacturers, engineering consultancies or parts/service suppliers.
  • Fixed term contract (eg. 3, 6 or 12 months).
  • Contract would be directly with the client or can be arranged and managed through an agency.

Consulting engineering

  • Clients: Small vehicle manufacturers and companies.
  • Contract between client and PCA Dynamics.
  • Work likely to be a specific activity or advice to solve a problem or provide a skill or service the client does not possess.
  • Quote to do complete job or work on a daily basis as required.

Limited edition vehicle programme

  • Clients: UK vehicle importers and distributers.
  • Tailored to the clients needs from just providing the engineering support to managing the whole programme.

Please contact us to discuss the options.

Dealer fit accessories

  • Clients: UK vehicle importers and distributers.

Please contact us to discuss the options.