Professionally engineered solutions for all automotive projects



PCA Dynamics is an engineering consultancy specialising in the area of suspension tuning and vehicle dynamics. We provide services from static geometry setting of road cars to the engineering and project management of limited edition vehicles.

Uniquely professional service

Our founder, Peter Cambridge, is directly involved in the design, development and management, thus guaranteeing the quality of every project undertaken.

Innovative solutions

Whether you are an individual looking to improve the handling of your road or track day car, a UK importer looking to increase the marketing appeal of a model through increased sportiness or an armouring company looking to maintain the handling characteristics of a vehicle, PCA Dynamics can offer an innovative and cost effective solution.

Comprehensive range of services

From the specification of a new road spring through damper development, tyre selection and wheel design and the management of vehicle projects, PCA Dynamics can offer a single supplier solution to your enhanced vehicle needs.


Proven track record

Peter Cambridge has a history of delivering enhanced dynamics to increase the sportiness and driving involvement of vehicles. These range from the ultimate Subaru Impreza, the P1, developed in 1999 to the Litchfield Imports GTR suspension kit in 2012.



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