Peter Cambridge has an envious range of vehicles and tuning parts to his name. They have all received outstanding reports from the automotive and national press and, most importantly, from their owners.



"Cambridge's job is not only to identify the problem, but to dissect that split-second dynamic snapshot and work out why it behaved in the way it did.... you emerge from the car with an intimate knowledge of how it behaves on all manner of surfaces, at all manner of speeds. It's what you are then able to do with that knowledge that separates guys like Cambridge from the rest of us."

EVO February 2007

Litchfield GT-R Performance Suspension Package

Mountune Focus RS Clubsport Bilstein Suspension Kit

Mountune Focus ST Clubsport Bilstein Suspension Kit

Alfa Romeo Brera S

Courtesy of Alfa Romeo UK

"The subtle tweaks Prodrive has made to the coupe have transformed it in the corners, and the sharper handling compliments the car's stylish design."

Auto Express 26 May 2008


"Prodrive has done sterling work to make the S handle like it does. This is the Brera Alfa should have offered us from day one."

Autocar 28 May 2008

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Prodrive Aston Martin Vantage

"This is without question the best Aston Martin I have ever driven, including the Vanquish."

Autocar 11 April 2007


"As the miles pass you get increasingly dialled-in to the subtleties of the work Prodrive has done. Through fast curves you more readily feel what the car is doing. What's more, it reacts more cohesively, the front and rear working in harmony rather than occasionally in conflict. Where the standard car sometimes overreacts to particular bumps or compressions, the Prodrive soaks it up. With this extra damping composure you gain the confidence to push harder."

EVO March 2007


"Prodrive's suspension mod's turn the V8 into a much sharper car. This is the car the Vantage should always have been."

Autocar 14 February 2007


Subaru Impreza RB320

"Far better than the standard STi. The new components and Prodrive's suspension tweakery have done wonders for this car. When you really seek to stretch it over a few twists and bumps the RB320 settles on its springs more quickly than the standard STi, making changing direction easier. Through longer corners those Bilstein dampers do a better job of controlling vertical body movement, ridding the Impreza of its trademark bobbing primary ride."

Autocar 1 February 2007


"On road and track the Impreza is a secure, flattering companion."

Car November 2007

Mazda RX-8 PZ

"Prodrive has done a superb job. The ride is firmer, but it's never harsh, because the new dampers take the edge off bumps while keeping the driver informed of what's going on. This helps make the already sweet-handling RX-8 even better to drive. The stiffer springs mean it corners flatter and harder, but it hasn't lost its great chassis balance. Sharp steering, electric responses and the rear drive layout ensure the PZ is easily the best handling car here."

Auto Express 10 May 2006

Subaru Impreza GB270

Subaru Impreza 2005MY Spring Kits - UK & USA

"Amazingly, given the bigger wheels and lower, stiffer springs, the ride has been transformed. Small imperfections in the asphalt would previously have created a jiggling, unsettled motion, but now the car soaks up the ridges."

Autocar 16 August 2006

Fiat Stilo Schumacher GP Edition

"Prodrive has done an admirable job. The Stilo's ride is pretty good for a car of sporting intent, but much more important is the fact that its chassis now feels properly tied down, much more able to take the punishment of being thraped along a piece of writhing tarmac punctuated with bumps and compressions. Where the standard Stilo Abarth might bounce and flounce, the GP-suspended car reacts to demanding situations with a measured response and calm confidence."

EVO May 2005

Subaru Impreza WR1

"Prodrive has once again worked its magic: uprated springs and dampers ensure superb body control, but without the expected jarring ride. Instead, the WR1 absorbs minor surface intrusions with indifference."

Autocar 6 April 2004

Acura RSX Type S Spring Kit

"The stiffer springs give rails to the RSX's handling. On the freeway the ride comfort is still high despite the increased firmness. The well-tuned springs match the stock shocks and there in none of that freeway bobbing and chatter that can sometimes occur with aftermarketr springs."

Import Racer! April 2004 

Subaru Impreza 2003MY Spring Kits

Subaru Impreza P1

"The development and set-up have been done by Prodrive, with remarkable results...it has an uncanny ability to tame compressions and depressions, refusing to be caught out even at what are apparently unfeasible speeds. But the real surprise is that the P1 also rides pretty well."

Car January 2000

Subaru Impreza WR Sport Susupension Package

"Fitted with uprated springs and dampers and 17in Speedline wheels, the WR is an inspiration over a challenging road, with levels of composure, adjustability and feel that few cars can match.....and the ride was less harsh than the regular car's."

Autocar 9 September 1998

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Saturday 13th July. Alfa Romeo Brera S 11th anniversary event at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon.


PCA dynamics have released a range of products for the limited edition Alfa Romeo Brera S created by Prodrive in 2008. Springs, dampers and stone deflectors are now available together with the established suspension alignment service.



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